10th Love Letter to Liza


10th Love Letter to Liza

10th Love Letter to  Liza

10th Love Letter to  Liza

My Dearest Liza,
As the 10th day of our love unfolds, my heart finds itself enveloped in a blend of anxiety and anticipation. Since the previous day, I have been in a state of restlessness, eagerly awaiting news from Alish, who promised to take action to save me from the depths of my longing. A faint glimmer of hope flickers within me, yet uncertainty lingers in the air, casting shadows on my fragile optimism.
Yesterday, my mother scolded me for leaving home shortly after being discharged from the hospital, unaware that you, my beloved, are the very source of my affliction. I bore her rebuke silently, understanding that her concern stems from a place of love and unawareness of the profound impact you have had on my life.
As I contemplated the forthcoming communication from Alish, my phone startled me with its persistent ringing. I grasped it eagerly, realizing that it was Alish on the other end of the line. Her voice carried a sense of promise as she uttered the words, “Come this evening, beneath the banyan tree near the school garden. There, you shall be informed of what has been done for you.” My anxiety heightened with every passing moment, and time seemed to stretch endlessly. The sun appeared motionless, the wind ceased to stir, while my heart pounded relentlessly, its beats echoing a hundredfold.
Thoughts raced through my mind, pondering the nature of the news that awaited me. Every passing second intensified my weakness, rendering me unable to rise to my feet. Overwhelmed by exhaustion, I surrendered to slumber in that very spot. Yet, no sleep befriended my weary eyes, for they beheld only one image—the radiant visage of you, my dear Liza.
In the realm of dreams, my longing for you knows no bounds. Your presence, even if imagined, has the power to transcend the realm of sleep, permeating my thoughts and emotions with unwavering intensity. It is in these moments of rest, where my mind wanders freely, that I find solace in the mere thought of you.
Liza, my love, as the 10th day of our love unfolds, I eagerly await the meeting beneath the banyan tree, where destiny may reveal its hand. My heart beats in synchrony with the rhythm of time, each pulse reminding me of the depth of my affection for you. Together, let us traverse this intricate dance of love, entwining our souls in a tapestry woven with devotion and longing.
With all the love in my heart,
M M.
10th Love Letter to Liza
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