Robert II | Brief Biography


Robert II | Brief Biography

Robert II  Brief Biography

Robert II

Robert II, also known as Robert the Pious, was King of France from 996 to 1031. He was born in 972 and was the son of King Hugh Capet and his wife Adelaide of Aquitaine.

Robert II was crowned King of France in 987 after the death of his father, King Hugh Capet. During his reign, Robert II sought to expand the power and influence of the French monarchy. He engaged in a number of military campaigns and sought to increase the authority of the crown over the local nobility.

One of the major events of Robert’s reign was the First Crusade, which he supported and in which many of his knights participated. He also worked to improve the administration of justice in France and was known for his piety, from which he derived his nickname “the Pious.”

Robert II was also a patron of the arts and education, and during his reign, the Cluny Abbey was founded, which would become one of the most important centers of learning in Europe.

In his personal life, Robert II was married three times and had several children, including his successor, King Henry I of France. He died in 1031 and was succeeded by his son Henry. 0 0 0.


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