Assam Handicraft Quiz 


Assam Handicraft Quiz

Assam Handicraft Quiz Assam Handicraft Quiz

Assam Handicraft Quiz 

Q. What do you mean by Handicraft?

A. Handicraft is the art of making things with the help of common tools in the home environment.

Q. What is the symbol of the Assam made by hand with bamboo?

A. Japi.

Q: What does a married woman of Assam wear on hand?

A. Konch Kharu.

Q: In Assamese society, what is the name of the vessel used to offer Tamol-Pan?

A. Sharai.

Q. What is the local name of Assamese dhara?

A. Cot.

Q: Why is the Ambari excavation of Guwahati famous?

A. For the pottery industry.

Q: What is the glorious thread of Assam?

A. Muga.

Q. What are the names of the two traditional Kumar communities of Assam?

A. Kumar and Hira.

Q.Who made the Vrindavani cloth knitted in the loom of Assam preserved in London?

A. Sri Sankardeva.

Q: Why is Shuwalkuchi of Assam famous for?

A. Jute and Muga textile industry.

Q: What is the artist called who carves beautiful decoration on the wood?

A. Khanikor.

Q. How many species of bamboo are found in Assam?

A. 51.

Q: For whom is Sarthebari in Assam famous?

A. For copper-brass material.

Q: ‘The weavers of Assam paint dreams in the handloom’ –who said this?

A. Mahatma Gandhi.

Q: What dress is considered to be a pride of Assamese woman?

A. Mugar cloth. *0 0 0*.

Assam Handicraft Quiz

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