Thrift-An Essay


 Thrift-An Essay

Thrift -An Essay


Thrift-An Essay

Introduction: ‘Thrift’ means the habit of saving something for the future. This is a very good habit. We should save something from our earnings for the future. 

Utility: There are many ups and downs in life. We do not know what waits for us in the future. We must live within our means and try to save something for future needs. In our old age, we cannot work and our income decreases. We have to educate our children. We have to give our daughters in marriage, we can fall ill and some accidents can happen. We need money for all these things. If we make provision for them in times of being young and active, we will never be in trouble. It is our duty to lay by something for the rainy days. A wise man saves something from his earnings and he never suffers in bad times.

Extravagance: Some people do not know the right use of money. They spend their money right and left. They spend their money on luxury and pride. They do not think about the future. Consequently, in their old age, they get into great trouble. They spend money on useless things and later, they do not get money to buy useful things. Wastage leads to waste.  They later repent for their stupidity.   An extraordinary millionaire can also be reduced to a street beggar. The man who spends all that he earns is poorer than the man who earns less but saves some from his small income. Many millionaire wives and children become street beggars.

Conclusion: Everyone should practise the habit of saving. The habit should be formed from an early age. In old age, we become feeble to earn money and there are circumstances over which we have no control. So, a wise person makes provisions for the future. 0 0 0

Thrift-An Essay

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Thrift-An Essay

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Thrift-An Essay

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