The Poem You Say–An Analytical Study


The Poem You Say–An Analytical Study

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The Poem You Say--An Analytical Study

The Poem You Say–An Analytical Study

The Poem You Say–An Analytical Study

‘You Say’ is a short poem in which the poet says about his condition as a poet. In other words, the poem deals with the characteristics of a poet which is typical. It is written in blank lines (those lines are called emotional lines which are arranged after the waves of emotion)

In this poem, the poet admits himself as a poet not because he writes poems but because his condition corresponds with that of a poet in general. The poet thinks that poets are generally poor in wealth. Poverty is their ever mate. They are generally indifferent to worldly affairs and interested in spiritual affairs. They are melancholic and often live in hunger. The poet’s condition is typical; poor, melancholic, and lonely. He has only a room where he sleeps, thinks, reposes, weeps, smiles, reads and writes. In other words, to say, he has a few limited assets. Like the well-to-do persons, he has not had sufficient space to use for different functions.

The poet believes that as the poets are different in intention, thought and outlook of life so they are meditative and melancholic for which they have little time to take care of the mortal body and so they seem indifferent to worldly affairs. So is the poet of the poem. He has little time to take care of his body and his hair turns grey untimely. It is also a sign of a meditative nature. Like poets, in general, the poet of this little poem spends his hours: day and night in hunger. But, it does not mean that he does not work; even though he works harder with wood and stone but he does not know any foul means to earn enough money. The poet is so meditative that he keeps vigil at night while others are sleeping. The poet often wears a pair of hackneyed dresses.

The poem expresses the characteristics of those who are poets. These characteristics are typed and true to life. In other words, the poet’s observation of a poet is realistic. The poet of the present poem may not write good poems or he may not be recognized as a poet but it is true that his conditions: economic, physical and mental are like that of a poet so one can call him a poet.

The poet’s arguments brought about here is poetic as well as realistic. Poets are generally meditative and philosophic. If we study the lives of the great poets of the world; we see that they are so.

The poem is easy and even a general reader can understand the theme. It is free from any kind of figure of speech. Words employed in this poem are also easy and common to everyday speech.

At last, it would be right to comment that though this poem is easy and simple yet its meaning is very significant.0 0 0 

The Poem You Say–An Analytical Study 

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