The Picaresque Novel Origin & Chief Features


The Picaresque Novel Origin & Chief Features

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Picaresque Novel The Picaresque Novel Origin & Chief Features

The Picaresque Novel Origin & Chief Features

The Picaresque novel is the most striking type of novel that first originated in Spain and soon spread to France and England. The term ‘Picaresque’ is derived from the Spanish word ‘picaro’ which means ‘a wandering rogue’. This type of novel is centered on the hero who is a picaro or rogue—a man outcast or neglected by his society and thus he rejects his society as well as morality and ethics. The hero of the Picaresque novel is the travelling hero who posts from inn to inn, from region to region from one country to another, from town to town and mixes with all sorts of men including rogues, thieves and robbers in course of his adventures and travelling and suffers from every sort of vicissitudes. The plot of this type of novel is hero centered and consists of a series of thrilling adventures and incidents that happened to the hero. The plot of the Picaresque novel is very loose and the plot changes with the change of place of the hero. This type of novel is generally written, though not always, in the autobiographical method. The first Picaresque novel was Lazarillo de Tormes written in the Spanish language anonymously in 1554. Following the Spanish Picaresque novel, English novelists began to write this type of novel abundantly. Some exemplary English Picaresque novels are—Thomas Nash’s The Unfortunate Traveller, Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders, Fielding’s Joseph Andrews, Smollett’s Roderick Random etc. 0 0 0.


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