Sentence Pattern


Sentence Pattern

Sentence Pattern

Sentence Pattern

Sentence Pattern

In every logical language, there are some patterns of sentences. In English, there are also some practice patterns that make a learner write correct English. Here some patterns are shown with illustrations:

Pattern-1: Sub + Verb + Obj.


We read book.

She sings song.

They play cricket.

Pattern-2 : Sub + Be verb + Complement or Adjunct


Monika is a girl. (Complement)

That was for Tulika .(Adjunct)

Pattern-3 : Introductory It/there + verb (be) + Sub.


It is a pen.

It is an ant.

There is a post office.

Pattern-4 : Sub + v(i) + Adverbial Adjunect.


Please go at once.

It looks like a tree.

Pattern-5 : Sub+v(i) + Adjective + Noun/Pron.


Sabina is a girl.

She is a pupil.

Pattern-6 : Sub + v(i) + Preposition + Noun/Pron.

Examples –

The book is on the desk.

Sita sings for me.

Pattern-7 : Sub + v(i) + ‘that’ clause. Examples:

It seems that she is not honest.

She runs that she may go ahead.

Pattern-8 : Sub + v(i) + Infinitive.


We eat to live.

They read to learn.

Pattern-9 : Sub + Be  verb + Infinitive.


We were to go.

They are to learn.

Pattern-10: Sub.+Anomalous Finite + Infinitives.


She may go there.

Ramen will come.

Pattern-11 : Sub + v(i) + Gerund.


I like swimming.

She loves playing tennis.

Pattern-12 : Sub + need + Gerund. Examples –

The bridge needs repairing.

She needs practising.

Pattern-13 : Sub + A.V+V+ noun / Pron / adv. + infinitive.

Examples –

She does not know where to go.

You must understand what to read.

Pattern-14 : Sub + vi + wh-clause.


You see what I am reading.

They don’t know when I will return.

Pattern-15 : Gerund + be verb + adjust + obj.


Swimming is a good exercise.

Walking is good for health.

Pattern-16 : Sub + vi +Indirect/Direct Object+ adj./ noun.


We made him secretary.

I found him sick.

Pattern-17 : Sub + vt + Noun/Pron+Interrogative+ Infi. 


She taught me how to solve the sum.

Guide me where to go.

Pattern 18 : Sub + vt + Noun / Pron + v – ing. Examples:

They kept me running.

I met him waiting.

Pattern-19 : Sub + vt + Noun / Pron / Infinitive.


I want you to work.

He forbade us to go.

Pattern 20 : Sub + vt + Direct object + Clause. Examples:

He gave a book though he is dishonest.

he buys the pen which is red.

Pattern-21 : Sub + vt + Indirect obj. + as/like + Noun


They treats me like a doctor.

She thinks herself as a poetess.

Pattern-22 : Sub + vt + Direct object + Infinitive

She gives a book  to read.

He seeks the knife  to cut the tree.

Pattern-24 : Sub + vt + indirect obj + direct obj.


He gave me a book.

Ranin presents Hari a book.

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