R Tagore | Silent Steps | Analytical Study


R Tagore | Silent Steps | Analytical Study

R Tagore  Silent Steps  Analytical Study

Rabindranath Tagore’s Poem ‘Silent Steps’-An Analytical Study

“Silent Steps” by Rabindranath Tagore is a poem that portrays the continuous presence and influence of an unnamed figure. The poet marvels at the silent arrival of this entity, emphasizing that it comes without fail, persistently making its presence felt in every moment and era.

Throughout the poet’s life, he has sung numerous songs, each expressing various emotions and states of mind. However, regardless of the mood conveyed in these songs, the underlying message remains constant: “He comes, comes, ever comes.” This repetition emphasizes the unwavering nature of the arrival of this enigmatic figure.

The poem describes how this figure appears during the delightful days of sunny April, traversing through the forest path. It also manifests during the gloomy nights of July, amidst the rain and thunder, arriving on a metaphorical chariot of clouds. This reinforces the idea that the presence is not limited to specific circumstances or seasons but is pervasive and all-encompassing.

Furthermore, the poet acknowledges that in times of sorrow, it is this figure’s steps that weigh heavily upon his heart. Yet, paradoxically, it is also the touch of this figure’s feet that brings about a radiant joy within him. This juxtaposition suggests that even in moments of despair, the presence of this entity brings a transformative power that can turn sorrow into joy.

In simple terms, “Silent Steps” is a poem that highlights the eternal presence of an unnamed entity. The poet marvels at the consistent arrival of this figure, which transcends time and manifests in various situations. Whether in moments of happiness or sorrow, the impact of this presence is significant, capable of both weighing upon the heart and bringing forth profound joy. The poem conveys a sense of awe and recognition of the transformative influence of this enigmatic entity in the poet’s life. 0 0 0

R Tagore Silent Steps Analytical Study

N.B. The article ‘R Tagore Silent Steps Analytical Study’ originally belongs to the book ‘Analytical Studies of Selected Poems of Rabindranath Tagore‘ by Menonim Menonimus.

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