R Tagore | Free Love | Analytical Study


R Tagore | Free Love | Analytical Study

R Tagore  Free Love  Analytical Study

Rabindranath Tagore’s Poem ‘Free Love’-An Analytical Study

“Free Love” by Rabindranath Tagore is a poem that explores the concept of love and the difference between worldly love and divine love. The speaker reflects on how those who love them in the world try to hold them tightly, seeking to ensure their security and presence. However, the speaker acknowledges that divine love is different. It is greater than the love of the world and allows them to be free.

The poem highlights that those who love the speaker in the world are hesitant to leave them alone, fearing that they might forget them. They constantly seek to remain close, making sure to be present in the speaker’s life. However, despite their efforts, days pass by and the divine presence, which is even greater than their love, is not seen or felt.

The speaker then acknowledges that even if they do not actively call upon the divine in prayers or hold the divine in their heart, the divine’s love for them still patiently waits for their reciprocation. This implies that the divine love is unconditional and ever-present, regardless of the speaker’s actions or expressions of love.

In simple terms, “Free Love” is a poem that contrasts worldly love with divine love. The speaker recognizes that those who love them in the world try to keep them close and secure. However, the poem suggests that divine love transcends these limitations and allows the speaker to be free. The divine love patiently waits for the speaker’s love, regardless of their prayers or remembrance. The poem conveys a sense of the boundless nature of divine love and the freedom it offers. 0 0 0

R Tagore Free Love Analytical Study

N.B. The article originally belongs to the book ‘Analytical Studies of Selected Poems of Rabindranath Tagore‘ by Menonim Menonimus.

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