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Q. How – two thieves convicted 1984 executed in Sudan in August 1990?

Ans:   Crucified

Q. What is Samsoe a type of?

Ans:   Cheese

Q. A fylfot is a heraldic name for what symbol?

Ans:  Swastika

Q. In what country is the language Fanti spoken?

Ans:   Ghana. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What flower’s name translated from the Greek as Water Vessel?

Ans:   Hydrangea

Q. Which of Henry the Eight’s wives was the widow of an elder brother?

Ans:   Catherine of Aragon

Q. The Boys from Syracuse is based on what Shakespearean play?

Ans:   The Comedy of Errors

Q. Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of what?

Ans:   The Sky

Q. The larva of the click beetle is called what?

Ans:   Wireworm

Q. What is the name of the largest moon of Jupiter?

Ans:   Ganymede

Q. The Mason-Dixon line separates Pennsylvania and what state?

Ans:  Maryland. Quiz Treasury 

Q. The kinkajou belongs to what family of animals?

Ans:  Raccoon

Q. What is the Hindu Kush?

Ans:  Mountain Range

Q. Caligari is the capital of what island?

Ans:   Sardinia

Q. Grunge music originated in which American city?

Ans:   Seattle. Quiz Treasury 

Q. The word bungalow comes from which language?

Ans:  Hindi

Q. In what country are the Drakensberg Mountains?

Ans:   South Africa

Q. Name the author who created Hannibal Lecter?

Ans:   Thomas Harris

Q. Venice stands on what river?

Ans:   The Arno

Q. What country launched its first space rocket in January 1961?

Ans:   Italy. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What have Jan Zajic and Quang Duc got in common?

Ans:   Self Immolation

Q. What was banned from New York schools in 1962?

Ans:   Reading of Prayers

Q. Who won the Tour de France 4 times from 1961 to 1964?

Ans:  Jacques Anquetil

Q. What new domestic device was launched by Hoover in 1963?

Ans:   Steam Iron. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What was the Soviet Vostok 3 space flight the first to do?

Ans:  Send back TV pictures

Q. What was the first country to leave the United Nations?

Ans:    Indonesia

Q. What car company made the first glass fibre racing car?

Ans:   Lotus

Q. Who wrote the novel, ‘Love Story’?

Ans:   Erich Segal

Q. What job did Agatha Christie’s husband do?

Ans:   Archaeologist

Q. Britain, Ireland and what country joined the EEC simultaneously?

Ans:  Denmark

Q. In Australian slang what kind of food is a mystery bag?

Ans:   Sausage. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Who recorded the Album in ‘Through the Out Door’?

Ans:  Led Zeppelin

Q. Jan 21, 1976 what linked Bahrain and Rio de Janeiro?

Ans:  1st Concord passenger destinations

Q. In the 60s a Yellow Golliwog worn by a girl symbolized what?

Ans:  Pride of non-virginity

Q. What kind of creature was Sam on the Muppet Show?

Ans:   Eagle

Q. Who had a hit with Tiger Feet?

Ans:   Mud

Q. Patty Hearst was kidnapped (later joined) which organization?

Ans:  Symbionese Liberation Army

Q. The Murrayfield Racers play which sport?

Ans:  Ice Hockey. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Quakers Natural, Prewetts Honey, California Revival – types of what?

Ans:   Museli

Q. What was Paul McCartney’s first solo album called?

Ans:   McCartney

Q. What company pioneered floppy discs?

Ans:   IBM. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What were Tricity Triumph, Kelvinator, Lec De Lux?

Ans:   Refrigerators

Q. Where in Australia were British satellites launched in the early 1970s?

Ans:  Woomera

Q. What was Clint Eastwood’s first film as a director?

Ans:   Play Misty for Me

Q. Who wrote the Science Fiction novel Slaughterhouse-Five?

Ans:  Kurt Vonnegut

Q. Who wrote the novel ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’?

Ans:  John Fowles

Q. Whose cat was sold for $153000 in an Arizona auction?

Ans:   Adolf Hitler’s. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Who wrote the play, Amadeus?

Ans:  Peter Shaffer

Q. Jeff Lynne – Roy Wood – Bev Bevan – what pop group?

Ans:   Electric Light Orchestra

Q. Mstislav Rostropovich was a maestro on what instrument?

Ans:   Cello

Q. Margarita Carmen Casino became famous as who?

Ans:   Rita Heyworth

Q. What job does the Gaffer do in the film industry?

Ans:   Chief Electrician. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What Shakespeare’s play was the basis of ‘The Forbidden Planet’?

Ans:   The Tempest

Q. Frederick Austerlitz became famous as who?

Ans:   Fred Astair

Q. In which EEC country is abortion still illegal?

Ans:   Ireland

Q. What heavyweight boxer was nicknamed The Cinderella Man?

Ans:   James J Braddock

Q. What is absinthe traditionally flavoured with?

Ans:   Wormwood

Q. In 1829 Cyrill Damien invented which musical instrument?

Ans:  Accordion

Q. At the battle of Actium who beat Mark Anthony and Cleopatra?

Ans:    Octavian . Quiz Treasury 

Q. What links Ada – Lisp – Algol Program?

Ans:   Languages

Q. How did Joy Friedericke Victoria Adamson die in 1985?

Ans:  Murdered in Kenya

Q. What city stands on the river Torrens?

Ans: Adelaide (Australia)

Q. In Hindu mythology, Agni is the god of what?

Ans:   Fire

Q. To the ancient Greeks what was an Agora?

Ans:   Public meeting place /market 

Q. Tomika and Uyeshiba are the two main forms of what?

Ans:  Aikido

Q. Where was Napoleon born?

Ans:   Ajaccio (Corsican capital)

Q. Which Greek astronomer wrote the ‘Almagest’?

Ans:   Ptolemy. Quiz Treasury 

Q. The Queen has what music with her breakfast?

Ans:  Bagpipes (Started by Victoria)

Q. Baile Atha Cliath – Official name of what capital city?

Ans:   Dublin 

Q. In the wild what animal pollinates banana plants?

Ans:   Bats

Q. What colour is the Black Box carried in aircraft?

Ans:  Orange

Q. Taidje Khan became famous under which name?

Ans:  Yul Brynner

Q. Autolycus – accomplished invisible thief Greek myth whose son?

Ans:   Hermes. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Joe Yule became famous as who?

Ans:   Mickey Rooney

Q. Who wrote the children’s classic Ann of Green Gables?

Ans:   L M Montgomery

Q. Gaur, Gayal, Banteng and Kouprey are types of what?

Ans:   Wild Cattle

Q. What is the literal meaning of the ‘Cenotaph’?

Ans:   Empty Tomb

Q. Semiology is the study of what?

Ans:   Signals

Q. What county has its map on its flag?

Ans:   Cyprus

Q. What X rated movie won an Oscar?

Ans:   Midnight Cowboy

Q. Lucknow is a city in India – and what another country?

Ans:    Canada. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What invention was nicknamed the ‘Noisy Serpent in 1902’?

Ans:    Vacuum Cleaner

Q. What product was introduced as a cure for urinary problems?

Ans:   Pepsi

Q. In what city was Audry Hepburn born?

Ans:   Brussels

Q. In what country was the world’s first wildlife sanctuary set up?

Ans:    Sri Lanka 3rd cent B. C.

Q. What word could Ernie Bilko not say without stuttering?

Ans:   Million

Q. What country has a regiment of bicycle-mounted soldiers?

Ans:  Switzerland

Q. Who (Shakespeare’s character) says “Blow winds and crack your cheeks”?

Ans:   King Lear. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Amaxophobia is the fear of what?

Ans:   Riding in a vehicle

Q. The Bovespa is the stock exchange in which country?

Ans:   Brazil

Q. Who wrote the satire ‘Candide’ published in 1759?

Ans:  Voltaire

Q. Whose ghost appears in Shakespeare’s play, ‘Julius Caesar’?

Ans:   Caesar’s Ghost

Q. In which play and film does Jean Valjean appear?

Ans:   L’e Miserables’.

Q. What being can sleep 3 years but only mates once – 12 hours?

Ans:   Snails. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Louis the XVI of France only had twice (recorded) what in his lifetime?

Ans:  Baths

Q. Only 6 people died in what historic event?

Ans:  Fire of London, 1666

Q. How did Emperor Claudius die?

Ans:   Choked on a Feather

Q. Average Britain in their life consumes 1000 lb of what?

Ans:   Carrots

Q. Jimmy Carter was the first US president to have done what?

Ans:  Born in a Hospital

Q. Who won an Oscar posthumously?

Ans:   Peter Finch ( for Network)

Q. Which actor has been portrayed most on screen by other actors?

Ans:   Charlie Chaplain

Q. Sergai Kalenikov holds the world record in what?

Ans:   Pig Kissing. Quiz Treasury 

Q. In California, you can’t legally buy a mousetrap without what?

Ans:   Hunting License

Q. What did ancient Egyptians rub on their dicks to enlarge them?

Ans:  Crocodile shit

Q. Which animal has legs but can’t walk?

Ans:  Hummingbird

Q. Howard Hughs used to store what in large metal containers?

Ans:  His Urine

Q. Which classical poet said ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ (Love conquers all)?

Ans:   Virgil

Q. If you were eating fragrant meat in Hong Kong what is it?

Ans:  Dog. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What country invented Phonecards?

Ans:   Italy

Q. What was invented in Rome 63 b.c. by Marcus Tiro?

Ans:   Shorthand and the ‘&’ sign

Q. What is the literal Greek translation of ‘Sarcophagus’?

Ans:   Flesh Eater

Q. French artist Aquabouse paints cows on what material?

Ans:   Cow shit

Q. An Arab/Israeli band Abu Hafla – a record called?

Ans:   Humping (meaning Enjoyable Gathering)

Q. In 1987 the Jockey Club disqualified a horse that had eaten what?

Ans::   Mars Bar. Quiz Treasury 

Q. James H Pierce was the last silent film actor to play who?

Ans:   Tarzan

Q. What said: I’m never through with a girl till I’ve had her three ways?

Ans:    John F Kennedy

Q.What play is set in Venice and Cyprus?

Ans:    Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’

Q. In 1797 3 pence could buy you a good (second hand) what?

Ans:  Wife

Q. What Saint said – ‘Lord, grant me Chastity – but not yet’?

Ans:  St. Augustine

Q. Roller coasters originated in what country?

Ans:   Russia 

Q. We’ve heard the phrase ‘I don’t give a toss’ – but ‘Toss’ Greek for what?

Ans:   Bear

Q. What meat outsells mutton and lamb combined in Sweden?

Ans:   Horsemeat. Quiz Treasury 

Q. An American in Maine got a divorce because wife fed him only what?

Ans:    Pea Soup

Q. How did Pope Hadrian IV die?

Ans:   Choked on a fly

Q. St. Fiacre is the Patron Saint of what?

Ans:   Piles

Q. Who said in 1951 – I married beneath me – All women do?

Ans: Lady Nancy Astor

Q. Until 1819 technically you could be hung for what in Britain?

Ans:  Cutting down a tree

Q. What’s still legal in Paraguay if the participants are blood donors?

Ans:  Duelling

Q. Tsar Paul-I decreed death by flogging to anyone if he mentioned what?

Ans:   His Baldness

Q. What actress said, “I dress for women – Undress for men”?

Ans:  Angie Dickinson. Quiz Treasury 

Q. In what city 1985 was the world’s first computer museum opened?

Ans:  Boston

Q. What element’s name comes from the Greek for light bearing?

Ans:   Phosphorous

Q. ‘Skeleton’ is derived from Greek – what is its literal translation?

Ans:  Dried up

Q. Edward Hunter USA Journalist invented what term?

Ans:  Korean War Brainwashing

Q. A man has first at 18 then every day spent 106 days by 60 what?

Ans:   Shaving

Q. What links Da Vinci, Picasso, Charlie Chaplain, Ben Franklin?

Ans:    Left-Handed

Q. Flies and humans can both get which condition?

Ans:   Athletes Foot

Q. We call them ‘Turkeys’ what do the Turks call them?

Ans:  American Birds 

Q. What country has the world’s most vending machines per capita?

Ans:   Japan. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Who said – “A woman only a woman – the good cigar is a smoke”?

Ans:  Rudyard Kipling

Q. Hans Steininger had the world’s longest what – that killed him?

Ans:   Beard (Tripped over it downstairs)

Q. What animal has a forked penis?

Ans:  Possum

Q. What did the word ‘bald’ originally mean?

Ans:   Clean or White

Q. What colour is a Grasshopper’s blood?

Ans:  White

Q. The average male loses an lb (weight ) of what in 10 years?

Ans:  Beard

Q. 39% of women admit doing this to their boyfriend?

Ans:  Throwing a shoe at him

Q. In Saudi Arabia by law women may not become what?

Ans:   A Doctor

Q. What country eats the most cereal per capita?

Ans:   Turkey. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Most blue-eyed cats are what?

Ans:   Deaf

Q. There is one what for every 6 people in Canada?

Ans:  River

Q. Ancient Egyptians worshipped what food item?

Ans:  Cabbage

Q. What was the first ocean liner to have a swimming pool?

Ans:   Titanic. Quiz Treasury 

Q. The word for ‘soda’ in Japanese when translated means what?

Ans:   Poisoned Water

Q. In California, it is illegal to eat what while bathing?

Ans:   Oranges

Q. What is unusual about a Racoon’s penis?

Ans:   Contains a bone

Q. Eskimo culture encourages male visitors to do what?

Ans:    Sleep with the host’s wife

Q. What is South Carolina’s official state dance?

Ans:  The Shag

Q. Who was the first US to have indoor plumbing installed?

Ans:  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of bricklayers?

Ans:   St.  Steven

Q. Saudi Arabian law women get a divorce if their husbands don’t give them what? 

Ans:   Coffee. Quiz Treasury 

Q. The back of what item is called a gore?

Ans:  A Sock

Q. What is Homer Simpson’s middle name?

Ans:   Jay

Q. In 1000 b. c. Israelites paid their taxes in what?

Ans:  Raisins

Q. In 1999,  470 Chinese were injured by what?

Ans:   Exploding beer bottles

Q. The word ‘Calendar’ comes from Latin and means what?

Ans:  To Call Out

Q. In Alberta, it’s illegal to play craps if you are using what?

Ans:   Dice. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What did Pope John XXI use as effective eyewash?

Ans:   Babies Urine

Q. Siddhartha (Gautama) became better known as who?

Ans:   Buddha

Q. In ancient Greece young brides had to sacrifice what?

Ans:   Their Dolls (show they were grown up)

Q. Caer-Lud was the former name of what capital city?

Ans:  London. Quiz Treasury 

Q. 4% of women never do what according to the survey?

Ans:   Wear Underwear

Q. In superstition if you marry on Saturday you will have what?

Ans:  No luck at all

Q. Who founded Methodism in 1738?

Ans:   John Wesley

Q. What was the ancient Egyptian cure for haemorrhoids?

Ans:  Beer ( lots of beer)

Q. Where was Ice Cream invented?

Ans:   China

Q. Brittany Spears – what is her favourite drink?

Ans:   Sprite. Quiz Treasury 

Q. International direct dialling codes what country has 353?

Ans:   Republic of Ireland

Q. 30% of people quit this job in the USA each year – what job?

Ans:  School Bus Driver

Q. What was the first 30 minute animated Disney show?

Ans:  Duck Tales

Q. You could be executed for drinking what in ancient Turkey?

Ans:  Coffee

Q. Where did the ancient Egyptians paint pictures of their enemies?

Ans:  Foot of Sandals. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What is found in one-third of American homes?

Ans:  Scrabble

Q. The name ‘Jesse’ means what in Hebrew?

Ans:  Wealth

Q. In what country was the ‘longbow’ invented?

Ans:   Wales

Q. What is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the USA?

Ans:  Herpes

Q. Who was the Angel in Milton’s Paradise Lost?

Ans:  Beelzebub. Quiz Treasury 

Q. 300000 American teenagers get what every year?

Ans:   Venereal disease

Q. Francesco Seraglio invented what in Australia in the early 1960s?

Ans:  The Woolmark logo

Q. What was Socrates wife’s name?

Ans:   Xanthippe

Q. Ancient Roman brides wore a wedding dress – what colour?

Ans:   Yellow

Q. 64% of American teenagers have what in their bedrooms?

Ans:   Television

Q. Charles Stratton became famous as what circus act?

Ans:  Tom Thumb. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What is the most common sexual complaint of females over 50?

Ans:   Vaginal Dryness

Q. The name ‘Calvin’ has what unfortunate Latin meaning?

Ans:   Bald

Q. What author was first published by Bantam paperbacks?

Ans:   Mark Twain (‘Life on the Mississippi’)

Q. In ancient India what was cut off adulterers?

Ans:  Noses (and they tried to hide it)

Q. In British, Columbia it is illegal to kill what?

Ans:   Sasquatch

Q. The Spear Leek was the original name of what food item?

Ans:   Garlic. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What was the name of the first Wings album?

Ans:  Wild Life

Q. In a 1988 survey 12 million Americans don’t know what?

Ans:   Washington DC was capital

Q. In 18th century England what would you do with whim-wham?

Ans:   Eat it (Cream sponge)

Q. The FIC govern what sport?

Ans:   Canoeing

Q. In England what is the most popular boy’s name of the 90s?

Ans:   Daniel

Q. International car registration letters of what country is I S?

Ans:   Iceland

Q. The star constellation ‘Ara’ has what English name?

Ans:   The Alter

Q. Which Roman Emperor’s name means little boats?

Ans:   Caligula. Quiz Treasury 

Q. In England what can you not hang out of your window?

Ans:  A Bed

Q. The constellation Norma has what English name?

Ans: Level

Q. ‘Chu’ is the Chinese year of what animal?

Ans:   Boar

Q. Vor was the Norse Goddess of what?

Ans:   Truth

Q. OB is the international aircraft registration letters of what country?

Ans:   Peru. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What was the last sequel to win the best picture award?

Ans:   Silence of the Lambs to Manhunter

Q. How did Stonewall Jackson die?

Ans:   Shot by own troops – by mistake

Q. What are The Chiuhauhan Nubian and Alaskan?

Ans:   Deserts

Q. International dialling codes of what country is 86?

Ans:  China

Q. Alphabetically what is the first element in the periodic table?

Ans:  Actinium. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What order of insects contains the most species?

Ans:   Beetles

Q. What famous battle was fought at Pancenoit?

Ans:   Waterloo  (four miles away)

Q. What colour is natural cheddar cheese?

Ans:   White (it’s dyed red)

Q. Where was the first Pony Express set up?

Ans:   Outer Mongolia

Q. Abraham Zapruder made the most scrutinized film of all time what?

Ans:   Kennedy Assassination

Q. ‘Aesculus’ is the Latin name of what type of tree?

Ans:   Horse Chestnut. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Where were bagpipes invented?

Ans:   Iran – then Persia

Q. Jorn Utzon of Denmark designed what landmark?

Ans:   Sydney Opera House

Q. What is the most popular pizza topping in South Korea?

Ans:  Tuna

Q. Which people used to settle legal disputes by headbutting?

Ans:   Inuit (Eskimo)

Q. How does a male koala attract a mate?

Ans:  Belching

Q. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was on what Queen album?

Ans:   A Night at the Opera

Q. Bugs Bunny was a caricature of what actor?

Ans:  Clark Gable. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Spumador was whose horse?

Ans:   King Arthur

Q. In what American state do most fail to graduate?

Ans:  Georgia

Q. Names from Jobs – what in the Middle Ages did a walker do?

Ans:  Clean cloth

Q. Alfred Butta invented what in 1941 – marketed 1948?

Ans:  Scrabble

Q. Phobos and Deimos are moons of Mars – what do names mean?

Ans:  Fear and Terror

Q. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue?

Ans:  Black

Q. ‘Erica’ is the Latin name for what shrub?

Ans: Heather. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What is the capital of Fiji?

Ans:  Suva

Q. What is the name of Shakespeare’s first play?

Ans:   Titus Andronicus

Q. ‘Regnat Populus’ (The people rule) motto of what US state?

Ans:   Arkansas

Q. A Cow moos, a Cock crows-What does an Ape do?

Ans:   Jibber

Q. The IHF govern what sport?

Ans: International Handball Federation

Q. The constellation Lacerta has what English name?

Ans:  Lizard

Q. Collective nouns – An Army of what?

Ans:   Frogs

Q. What US state has no motto?

Ans:   Alaska. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Babs Gorden is better known as what heroine?

Ans:   Batgirl

Q. First Impressions was the original title of what classic novel?

Ans:  ‘ Pride and Prejudice’.

Q. What country spends the most per capita in casinos?

Ans:   Australia

Q. In India in 1994 who were finally allowed to vote?

Ans:   Eunuchs

Q. John Wayne called what film “The most un-American thing ever”?

Ans:   High Noon

Q. What country produces the most tobacco in the world?

Ans:   China. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Collective nouns – A Business of what?

Ans:   Flies and Ferrets

Q. If you were eating ‘Olea Europea’ what would it be?

Ans:  Olive

Q.Who is the Roman Goddess of flocks and herds?

Ans:   Pales

Q. Where were the first winter Olympics held in 1924?

Ans:   Chamonix, France

Q. David John Moore Cornwell became famous as who?

Ans:   John Le Carre

Q. In what game might you use a flat stick called a kip?

Ans:   Two Up. Quiz Treasury 

Q. Collective nouns – A Husk of what?

Ans:   Jackrabbits

Q. ‘Black and Blue play Red and Yellow’ at what game?

Ans:  Croquet

Q. What rank was George Armstrong Custer when he was killed?

Ans:   Lieutenant Colonel

Q. Old superstitions – it is bad luck to do what in the morning?

Ans:   Sing

Q.Who said, “Bigamy is one husband too many like Monogamy”?

Ans:  Erica Jong. Quiz Treasury 

Q. What is the smallest species of penguin?

Ans:  The Fairy Penguin

Q. In the original Wizard of Oz what colour were the slippers?

Ans:   Silver

Q. The Beverley Hillbillies came from what Ozarks town?

Ans:   Hooterville

Q. Collective nouns – A leap of what?

Ans:   Leopards. 0 0 0.

Quiz Treasury

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