Quiz An Anthology


Quiz An Anthology

Quiz An Anthology

Quiz An Anthology

Quiz An Anthology

Edited by 

Menonim Menonimus

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Quiz An Anthology (A book of General Knowledge) Edited by Menonim Menonimus

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Quiz An Anthology

Q. When was the name ‘Assam’  (Asom) introduced?

Ans: After the conquest of this territory by the Ahoms in the thirteenth century.

Q. When did the Assamese language originate?

Ans: In the ninth-tenth century AD.

Q. What is the old name of Assam?

Ans: Kamarupa (Pragjyotishpur)

Q. Who first translated the Sanskrit Ramayana into Assamese?

Ans: Madhav Kandali.

Q. What is the name of the poet who first translated the original Sanskrit Mahabharata in Assamese?

Ans: Ram Saraswati.

Q. Who is the father of Assamese prose literature?

Ans: Bhattadev.

Q. What is the name of the first Assamese female writer?

Ans: Padmavati Devi Phuknani.

Q.  What is the name of the first Assamese printed book?

Ans:  Dharmapustak, Atmaram Sarma.

Q. What was the name of the first play broadcasted by Guwahati Radio Centre and who was its author?

Ans: “Dharalai Jidina Namib Sarga”,  Satyaprasad Baruwa

Q. What is the largest dictionary of the English language?

Ans: Oxford English Dictionary. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. Who prepared the first English Assamese dictionary in Assam?

Ans: Buddhindranath Bhattacharya (Jorhat).

Q. Who is the famous songwriter of  “Bando Ki Chhandere”?

Ans: Ambikagiri Roy Chowdhury.

Q.  Who is Oliver T. Kattar?

Ans: An American Missionary to Assam who was the printing operator of ‘Arunodoi’  (first Assamese magazine).

Q. Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of Guwahati University?

Ans: Krishnakant Sandikai. 

Q. What was the composition of the national anthem of Assam ‘A Mor Aponar Desh’ composed by Rasraj Laxminath Bezbaruvadev?

Ans:Kamala Prasad Agarwala.

Q. Who was the first President of Assam Sahitya Sabha?

Ans: Padmanath Gohanibaruwa (Session Shivsagar, 1917).

Q. Who got the first Bachelor’s degree in Assam?

Ans: Anandaram Baruah.

Q. Who was the first female IAS of Assam?

Ans: Parul Das (1974)

Q. Who wrote the book ‘Kankhowa’?

Ans: Sridhar Kandali.

Q. Who was the teachers of Lord Krishna?

Ans: Sandipani.

Q.What is the name of the first English daily newspaper published from Assam?

Ans: The Assam Tribune. (Published from Guwahati by Radhagobind Baruah in 1948, first editor – Laxminath Phukan).

Q. There is a stone inscription near the ‘Kirtan Ghar’ (Prayer house) at Bardowa Satra in Nagaon district with the footprints of the great Srimanta Sankardeva. What is the name of the stone?

Ans: “Footstone”. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. Who was the first Assamese Governor?

Ans: Vishnuram Medhi (Madras ,1956).

Q. Who was the first Chief Minister of independent Assam?

Ans: Gopinath Bardoloi.

Q. Who became the President of Independent India from Assam?

Ans: Fakruddin Ali Ahmed. 

Q. Who was the recipients of D-Litt honour from the University of London?

Ans: Surya Kumar Bhuyan.

Q. In which year was the magazine “Jonaki” published? 

Ans: 1889 from Kalita.  Quiz An Anthology 

Q. Who was the first editor of ‘Jonaki’ magazine?

Ans:  Chandra Kumar Agarwala

Q. What was the name of Vishnu Ravara’s first wife?

Ans: Priyalata Dutta.

Q. Which poet’s poem – ‘Death is an art / lifeless sculpture cut in the hard rock … ..’

Ans: Hiren Bhattacharya.

Q. Who was the first principal of Cotton College established in 1901 during the British rule?

Ans: Frederick William Chudmarchan.

Q. Who is the author of the book ‘Binbaragi’?

Ans: Chandra Kumar Agarwala.

Q. For which book did the famous thinker Dr. Hiren Gohain receive the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award?

Ans: For the book titled “The Great Man’s Tradition in Assamese National Life”.

Q. A L D A What do you mean by meeting?

Ans: Assamese Language Development Association.

Q. Who composed this song ‘Chir Chenehi Mor Basha Janani’?

Ans: Sahityacharya Mitradev Mohanta.

Q. What is the name of the first Assamese novel of the modern age?

Ans: Padmanath Gohani Baruvar’s “Vanumati”.

Q.The word ‘Tamol’, which is essential in all the affairs of Assamese society, is the contribution of which ethnic group?

Ans: Austrian race. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. Chandra Kumar Agarwala and Hemchandra Goswami are the two members of the ‘Trimurti of Jonaki Era’. Who is the third owner?

Ans: Lakshminath Bezbaruah.

Q. What is the name of the first children’s magazine of Assam?

Ans: ‘Lara Bandhu’ (Editor – Karunaviram Baruah).

Q. In 1979, Dr Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya was awarded the Jnanpith Award for an Assamese historical novel – What is the name of the novel?

Ans: Mrityunjaya. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. What is the name of the first newspaper of Assam?

Ans: Arunodaya (1848) (Editor – Dr. Nathan Brown).

Q. Which Assamese writer’s pseudonym is ‘Shilbhadra’?

Ans: Revati Mohan Datta Chowdhury.

Q. What is the name of the first Assamese book to receive Sahitya Akademi Award?

Ans: ‘Banphuul’ by Jatindra Nath Duwara.

Q. The name of a famous Assamese novel is ‘Mirijayori’. Who is the novelist?

Ans: Rajini Kant Bardoloi.

Q. A  person received the All India ‘Kotha’ Award, Sahitya Akademi Award, Assam Upatyaka Award and Assam Prakashan Award respectively. Who is that old man?

Ans: Chandra Prasad Shaikia.

Q. What is the name of the poetry books entitled after the names of bird written by Raghunath Chowdhury?

Ans: ‘Dahikatara’ and ‘Ketaki’.

Q. By what pseudonym is Dr Nirmal Prabha Bardalai known?

Ans: Neela Baideu. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. She was the first woman to hold the post of President of Assam Sahitya Sabha and received the title of Padma Shri. He received the Sahitya Akademi Award for his book ‘Alaknanda’. What was his name?

Ans: Nalini Bala Devi.

Q. “Study books for a living”. Who said this?

Ans: Satyanath Bora.

Q. The novel ‘Dantal Hatir Uye Khowa Haoda’ written by one of the winners of Jnanpith award was given a film version. What is the name of the writer?

Ans: Mamoni Raicham Goswami (Indira Goswami).

Q. What was the secret name of Sankardeva?

Ans: Gangadhar Kayastha.

Q. What is the name of the first book with ancient specimens of Assamese language?

Ans: Hemsaraswati’s ‘Prahlad Charitra’ written in the 14th century.

Q. Who was the author of the first textbook in the Assamese language?

Ans: Anandaram Dhekiyal Phukan 

Q. Who was the sonnet writer in the Assamese language?

Ans: Hemchandra Goswami (‘Priyatmar Chithi’)

Q.What is the first Assamese science fiction based novel?

Ans:‘Apadartha (written by Navkantha Baruah) 

Q. What is the name of the first Assamese women’s magazine? 

Ans: Gharjeuti; Editor – Kankalata Chaliha.

Q. What is the name of the only magazine on education published from Guwahati?

Ans: ‘Jigyas’ edited by Kulendu Pathak.

Q. What is the name of the first Assamese school magazine? Where did it come from?

Ans: ‘Morning’ (in 1915). From Jorhat Normal School.

Q. Where was the first session of Assam Sahitya Sabha Millennium (2000) held? Who was the chairman of the session?

Ans: In Dibrugarh; Homen Bargohani. 0 0 0

Assamese Theatre Quiz

Q: Who is the father of Assamese drama? 

A. Sri Sankardeva.

Q. What are the plays written by Srimanta Sankardava called?

A. Ankia Nat.

Q : What is the main character of Ankia drama?

A. Sutradhar. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. What is the main theme of Assam Theater?

A. ‘Ojapali’ and ‘Putula Nach’.

Q: What is the Sanskrit play translated from Sanskrit to Assamese by Lambodhar Bora?

A. Kalidasa’s ‘Shakuntala’.

Q. Who was the first editor of Kamarupa Natya Parishad?

A. Raghunath Chaudhary.

Q: Who is the first Assamese actor to stage an Assamese drama outside of Assam?

A. Hemant Mishra (USA).

Q:  Which drama of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala staged in Delhi in 1954 won the honour of best folk drama?

A. Sunit Kunwari. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. Which Assamese play won the Best Drama Award at the Multilingual Drama Festival held in Delhi in 1973?

A. ‘Juye Pora Son’ (written by Fani Sharma).

Q: Which is the first travelling theatre Group in Assam?

A.  Nataraja Theater.

Q. What was the first Assamese social drama?

A. Ram Navami’ by Gunabhiramabarauh (1857).

Q : Who was the first Assamese play to be broadcast from Guwahati Radio Centre?

A. ‘Dharalai Jidina Namib Sarg’ (Author: Satya Prasad Baruah).

Q.  Who was the first Assamese to translate a Sanskrit play into Assamese?

A.  Lambodhar Bora. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. Which theatre Party staged ‘Lady Diana’ under the choreography of renowned choreographer Kamala Nath?

A.  Avahan Theater.

Q: On which theatre stage did Brajnath Sharma make his debut as an actor?

A. On the stage of a theatre performed in Dumdum.

Q: Which mobile theatre troupe staged the play ‘Titanic’?

A.  Kahinur Theater.

Q: Where is the famous amphitheatre of Assam located?

A. In Tezpur. Quiz An Anthology 

Q: Who composed the play ‘Lady Diana’?

A. Sewabrat Barua.

Q: What is the name of the theatre party formed by Brajnath Sarma?

A. Kahinur Opera Party.

Q: Did ‘Lady Diana’ stage a mobile theatre troupe?

A.  Avahan Theater.

Q. In which year was the Natraj Theater group formed?

A.  1963. Quiz An Anthology 

Q: Which Assamese playwright composed and directed the English version of ‘Titanic’?

A. Hemant Dutt.

Q: On which Theater Patry was ‘Bendit Queen’ perform?

A.  Hengul Theater.

Q: In which year did Tarun Kumar Bardalai get the ‘Natyabhushan Award’?

A. 1998.

Q: Who was the first Assamese person to record Assamese drama?

A.  Prafulla Chandra Baruah.

Q: Who directed the play ‘Lady Diana’?

A.  Tapan Das. Quiz An Anthology 

Q. In the Anamika Yuva Shilpi Samaj, a person was posthumously awarded the title of ‘Abhinayacharya’. Who is the person?

A. Brajnath Sharma.

Q: Who is the author of the play ‘Dharalai Jidina Namib Sarg’?

A.  Satyaprasad Baruah.

Q: Which mobile theatre party staged ‘Devyani of Kathmandu’?

A.  Bhagyadevi Theatre. 0 0 0

Quiz An Anthology 

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