List of Verbs


List of Verbs

List of Verbs

List of Verbs

List of Verbs

You have learned that a verb is a word that tells something about the subject in a sentence. In the English language, every Principal verb has three forms, as: Present Form, Past Form and Past Participle Form. Notice the forms of the following verbs:

List of Verbs

Present…PastP.P. Form







In the above list, the verbs Arise, Come and Give have formed their Past and Past Participle Form by changing the vowels in the body of the word without adding any suffix. They are called Strong Verbs.

On the other hand, the verbs Act, Hear, and Feel have formed their Past and Past Participle Forms by adding d, ed or t to the Present forms with or without a vowel change in the body of the verb. They are called Weak Verbs.

Thus Verbs are divided into Strong and Weak Verbs according to the way in which they form their Past and Past Participles.

Note that the Present Form of a Verb is called Lexicon  (Dictionary)Form.

A list of Verbs with their three Forms is given below:

List of Verbs

PresentPastP. P. form

Arise arose arisen

Act acted acted

Advise advised advised

Abuse abused abused

Awake awoke awoken

Ask asked asked

Accuse accused accused

Argue argued argued

Appoint appointed appointed

Arrest arrested arrested

Arrive arrived arrived

Attack attacked attacked

Appear appeared appeared

Answer answered answered

Allow allowed allowed

Beg begged begged

Buy bought bought

Bend bent bent

Bring brought brought

Burn burnt burnt

Boil boiled boiled

Build built built

Begin began begun

beat beat beat

Become became become

Blow blew blown

Break broke broken

Bind bound bound

Bear bore born

Bear bore borne

Bid bade bidden

Boast boasted boasted

Believe believed believed

Borrow borrowed borrowed

Bathe bathed bathed

Come came come

Call called called

Carry carried carried

Catch caught caught

Copy copied copied

Care cared cared

Clean cleaned cleaned

Change changed changed

Collect collected collected

Climb climbed climbed

Choose chose chosen

Cook cooked cooked

Close closed closed





Clear cleared cleared

List of Verbs

Creep crept crept

Consult consulted consulted

Confuse confused confused

Complete completed completed

Correct corrected corrected

Conceal concealed concealed

Do did done

Dig dug dug



Drive drove driven

Defeat defeated defeated

Defend defended defended

Divide divided divided

Dry dried dried

Deal dealt dealt

Dwell dwelt dwelt

Dream dreamt dreamt

Drown drowned drowned

Dance danced danced

Die died died

Devote devoted devoted

Direct directed directed

Deceive deceived deceived

Deliver delivered delivered

Eat ate eaten

Earn earned earned

Enter entered entered

Escape escaped escaped

End ended ended

Ease eased eased

Ebb ebbed ebbed

Eclipse eclipsed eclipsed

Economise economised economised

Echo echoed echoed

Edify edified edified

Edite dited edited

Effect effected effected

Effort efforted efforted

Eject ejected ejected

Elaborate elaborated elaborated

Elect elected elected

Educate educated educated

Evade evaded evaded

Evoke evoked evoked

Fly flew flown

List of Verbs

Find found found

Fall fell fallen

Fight fought fought

Feed fed fed

Forbid forbade forbidden

Fear feared feared

Fail failed failed

Force forced forced

Feel felt felt

Face faced faced

Float floated floated

Fleef led fled

Found founded founded

Fine fined fined

Finish finished finished

Falsify falsified falsified

Fascinate fascinated fascinated

Fill filled filled

Fold folded folded

Go went gone

Grow grew grown

Give gave given

Get got got/gotten

Grant granted granted

Gain gained gained

Gamble gambled gambled

Gaze gazed gazed

Govern governed governed

Grip gripped gripped

Hear heard heard

Hide hid hidden

Hit hit hit

Hang hanged hanged

Hold held held

Hew hewed hewed

Have had had

Hurt hurt hurt

Kill killed killed

List of Verbs

Kiss kissed kissed

Know knew known

Kneel knelt knelt

Keep kept Kept

Knit knitted knitted

Kick kicked kicked

Knock knocked knocked

Kidnap kidnapped kidnapped

Lead led led

Learn … learnedlearned

Leap leapt leapt

Labour laboured laboured

Load loaded loaded

Lie lied lied

Leave left left

Lay laid laid

Let let let

Lose lost lost

Light lighted lighted

Listen listened listened

Make made made

Meet met met

Mean meant meant

Magnify magnified magnified

Manage managed managed

Misbehave misbehaved misbehaved

Melt melted melted

Measure measured measured

Mow mowed mowed

Marry married married

Need needed needed

Nap napped napped

Nibble nibbled nibbled

Nip nipped nipped

Owe owed owed

Obey obeyed obeyed

Object objected objected

Oblige obliged obliged

Occupy occupied occupied

Observe observed observed

Oppose opposed opposed

Open opened opened

Put put put

Pack packed packed

Pay paid paid

Prove proved proved

Pen penned penned


Part parted parted

List of Verbs

Participate participated participated

Quit quit quit

Quarrel quarreled quarreled

Qualify qualified qualified

Quash quashed quashed

Question questioned questioned

Reach reached reached

Read read read

Raise rose/raised raised

Rend rend rend

Ride rode ridden

Rid rid rid

Rise rose risen

Run ran run

Rot rotten rotten

Ring rang rung

Rent rent rent

Say said said

See saw seen

Sell sold sold

Shake shook shaken

Shoot shot shot

Sleep slept slept

Slit slit slit

Shape shaped shaped

Shut shut shut

Sing sang sung

Shine shone shone

Shrink shrank shrunk

Seek sought sought

Smell smelt smelt

Speak spoke spoken

Spill spilt spilt

Stand stood stood

Spin span spun

Smite smote smitten

Spoils spoiled spoiled

List of Verbs

Steal stole stolen

Swear swore sworn

Stick stuck stuck

Strike struck struck

Spring sprang sprung

Strive strove striven

Show showed showed

Sweep swept swept

Swims … swam swum

Swells welled swelled

Swing swung swung

Tell told told

Tear tore torn

Take took taken

Teach taught taught

Think thought thought

Tread trod trodden

Throw threw thrown

Thrive thrived thrived

Wear wore worn

Wed wedded wedded

Work worked worked

Win won won

Write wrote written

Wish wished wished

Wind wound wound

Wring wrung wrung

Wake woke, waked waked

Weave wove woven

Weep wept wept

Wash washed washed

Want wanted wanted. 0 0 0

List of Verbs

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