Famine-An Essay


Famine-An Essay

Famine-An Essay


Famine-An Essay

Introduction: ‘Famine’ refers to the extreme scarcity of food. It can occur for many reasons.  

First, famine is caused by drought (long absence of rain). For sought, the peasant cannot cultivate their land and resultantly the scarcity of food occurs in a country.  

Secondly,  it may occur for great floods also which destroy the crops and vegetation of a region and as a result, people have to starve. 

Thirdly, growth in population is another cause of famine. Famine also occurs when food is exported to other countries through an incorrect calculation of a country’s requirements. 

Fourthly, sometimes insects like grasshoppers destroy crops and famine breaks out.

Its Effects: The situation of poor people becomes pathetic when famine breaks out. As long as food grains are available, rich people try to buy them at any cost. People live together without food for several days. They try to live on whatever they get. They live on the leaves and roots of trees. People become cruel and selfish and can commit any crime for food. Children do not take care of their parents. Men steal and commit robbery. For want of food, people are reduced to skeletons and can meet an untimely death.

People eat whatever they get and as a result epidemics like malaria, pox, dysentery etc. soon break out and people die like cats and dogs. The rich and affluent villages become like deserts.

Relief work: When a famine breaks out, it is the duty of the government and the generous people of the country to come forward with assistance for the people in distress. People should raise money and help the famine-stricken people with food, clothes,  medicine etc. A relief fund should be opened. The government should give loans and employment to the victims. Foodstuff should be sent from all parts of the country to the famine-stricken area.

Prevention: The government of the country should take steps so that there is no famine anywhere in the country. Measures must be taken to prevent floods. Modern better methods of agriculture should be introduced to increase the production of food. The means of communication and transportation should be improved so that the surplus food grains can be sent to the other parts of a country quickly.

Conclusion: Famine of any kind is always undesirable. People should lay by at least six month’s food grain at their houses for use in times of calamity like famine. 0 0 0

Famine-An Essay

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Famine-An Essay

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Famine-An Essay

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