Child Labour-Essay


Child Labour-Essay

Child Labour-Essay

Child Labour

Child Labour-Essay

When a child under the age of fourteen is put to work in an industry or in any business or in a household for monetary purposes depriving them of their regular schooling and freedom is called ‘Child Labour’.  Child labour is illegal and considered exploitative.

In spite of the existence of laws against child labour, in many countries of the world including India, child labour has been going on both in the cities and the villages. 

Child labour is a deeply rooted social evil that has, in turn, led to other social issues such as the sale and trafficking of children, debt bondage, severe and forced labour at low cost and many more. 

Some of the other acts include hiring children under fourteen for such activities as prostitution, pornography, production and smuggling of drugs etc.  All these acts are not only illegal but also immoral, inhuman and anti-social. The engagement of children in work harms their health, development, safety and morality.

According to the Constitution of India, children under the age of 14 are absolutely prohibited to engage in any kind of factory, quarry or other hazardous employment. They should be provided free and compulsory education by the government. They should not be misused and forced by economic necessity. They should be given full opportunities and all the necessary facilities to develop in a healthy way. Despite all these rules and regulations, there are many industries and businesses that are using child labour.

It is rightly said that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. If the children of today are exploited and deprived of their proper growth, education, and development then the future of the nation would ruin and humanity would be degraded lamentably in the hand of immature, inadept, weak and immoral citizens.  So child labour must be eliminated erelong enforcing the law with all its rigidity. 0 0 0

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