Charlotte Bronte-Brief Biography


Charlotte Bronte-Brief Biography

(Brief Biography of Charlotte Bronte)

Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte-Brief Biography

Once in England, three sisters born of a pair of husband and wife became novelists—the name of those three sisters were Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, and Anne Bronte. Of these three Charlotte Bronte was the eldest and even greatest who wrote novels with a difference which at random may be called Poetic Novels.

Charlotte Bronte was the third child of her parents. She was born in 1816 in Thornton. The name of her father was Mr. Patrick Bronte, an Irishman. He was at first a teacher and then a curate at Hartshead in Yorkshire. In 1812 he married Maria Branwell who gave birth to six children, the first five children were girls and the last one was a boy. They were—Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Patrick. In 1820 the family moved to Haworth. In 1821, Mrs. Maria Branwell died after giving birth to her last child Patrick. And then the family with six little children fell in pathetic condition and so to help in bringing up the children Miss Elizabeth Branwell, the sister of the late Mrs. Bronte, came to the Bronte family as the housekeeper.

Mr. Patrick Bronte was a very odd and strict man of discipline who kept his children away from the company of other children of their age. He was impatient, morose, and selfish in nature. On the other hand, Mrs. Bronte was a gentle, loving and delicate lady who always looked at the bright side of life. When Mrs. Bronte died suddenly, Mr. Bronte proposed to marry a woman by the name of Miss Burder, who rejected her proposal and then he gave up his desire to marry the second time.

Patrick Bronte sent the first four children to a school where the children of the clergymen were taught. Their experience at school was very bitter. The living conditions of the school were so poor. In the meantime, the first two daughters Maria and Elizabeth died of consumption. Charlotte and Emily were soon withdrawn from school and they spent the next six years studying at home.

After that, Charlotte Bronte was admitted to a school at Roe Head for the second time where she studied for five years and returned home as a teacher. Then Charlotte opened up a school where both Emily and Anne, her two younger sisters had been her students, but the school came to an end as no other students came forward to join it.

As the children were growing young, the family began to face an economic crisis. Then the Bronte sisters began to think of literature as a means of livelihood. Charlotte wrote some poems and sent them to Southey, the poet laureate of that time, who gave a disappointing comment on the poems. Yet with an optimistic desire, the three sisters decided to write poems and so was done and at last, they arranged a small collection of poems from each other and had them published in book form. After their wishes, a volume of poems appeared in 1845 under the title Poems. The Bronte sisters published the poetry book under the pseudonyms—Currier Bell, Ellis Bell, and Acton Bell. But the book was proved a failure.

Being received a loss, the three sisters then decided to practise novels. As was the decision so was the action, Charlotte wrote a novel by the title, The Professor. Emily and even Anne also wrote novels—each one. They wrote novels but found no publisher to publish them. At last, after looking for a publisher with anxiety they found one who published the novel of Emily only but neither of  Charlotte nor of Anne.  After this Emily began to write another novel (the title of her first novel was “The Wuthering Heights” which is considered a great one) but suddenly she was attacked by consumption which had already killed her elder sisters—Maria and Elizabeth and after suffering from it, Emily died in 1848.

In the meantime, Mr. Bronte became nearly blind. Patrick Bronte, the youngest male child of the family was a spoilt one. He had some talent as an artist. So his father sent him to London to pursue his study but the family could not finance his expense for which he had to return home and took a job as a clerk in which he proved himself disabled and so he was driven away from the job. After a year both Mr. Patrick and Anne died and a few months later Patrick Bronte, the only male child of the Bronte family also met a premature death. All of the family, except Charlotte, died untimely. Then Charlotte’s heart broke down and yet she continued her writings. In 1847 he wrote, ‘Jane Eyre’ in 1849 ‘Shirley’ and in 1852 ‘Villette’. Her first novel found no publisher, but her last three novels luckily found a publisher and sold well. In 1854 Charlotte married Curate Nicholls and began to live a happy married life but the same curse of death also fell upon her as her other sisters and brother met and  Charlotte died in 1855 at the age of thirty-eight only.

As a novelist, her younger sister Emily Bronte wrote only one novel, “The Wuthering Heights by which she became able to keep her name in the history of English literature. Charlotte Bronte wrote four novels—the first of which is poor as a novel, but the remaining three, as pieces of art, are rich. Her novels are psychological in themes, poetic in language, autobiographical in the method of narration and in the plot they are a beautiful combination of both romanticism and realism. Many lines of her novels are read like splendid pieces of poetry.  0 0 0

Charlotte Bronte

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Charlotte Bronte

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