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Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. Who wrote the book, Forest Gump?

Ans:   Winston Groom

Q. What product uses the most silver?

Ans:   Camera Film

Q. In the Bible who was the father of Abraham?

Ans:   Terah. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What sport was called Harpastum by the ancient Greeks?

Ans:   Football

Q. What is a dhoti?

Ans:   An Indian male loincloth

Q. In Heraldry what is a mullet?

Ans:   A Star. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. FINA is the governing body of what amateur sport?

Ans:  Swimming

Q. 40% of Americans have never been where?

Ans:   To a Dentist

Q. What is Switzerland’s official name?

Ans:   Swiss Confederation

Q. Which drink was designed as a malaria cure?

Ans:   Benedictine

Q. Who would use a barny to reduce noise?

Ans:   Film Cameraman 

Q. King Thibaw – imprisoned by the British – last king of where?

Ans:   Burma. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. In 1929 the first what happened on an aircraft?

Ans:   Birth

Q. What is the name of the second-highest mountain in Africa?

Ans:  Mount Kenya

Q. Who would use a Syllabary?

Ans:  Arabs – their alphabet

Q. The oldest written plan of government in effect is in what country?

Ans:   United States of America

Q. Who wrote the poem “The Pied Piper of Hamlin”?

Ans:   Robert Browning

Q. In ancient Japan what was used to clean teeth?

Ans:   Stale Urine. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What was the name of Thomas Jefferson’s home?

Ans:  Monticello

Q. Thalia is one of the muses – what’s her subject?

Ans:  Comedy

Q. In the Little Mermaid fairy tale what happens to her?

Ans:  She Dies

Q. Why was Clark Kent rejected military service during World War II?

Ans:  Failed eye test

Q. John Quincy Adams was the only US president to do what?

Ans:  Marry a non-American woman

Q. Who cut off Samson’s Hair (King James Edition)?

Ans:   An Unnamed Man

Q. Who was the first woman to win an Oscar best actress 1928?

Ans:   Janet Gaynor

Q. What Sanskrit word means great king?

Ans:   Maharaja. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What did Benjamin Franklin claim as his trade?

Ans:   Printer

Q. Which US state gets the most overseas visitors?

Ans:  California (Florida second)

Q. Who wrote the epic poem ‘Samson Agonistes’?

Ans:  John Milton

Q.What is the state tree of Idaho?

Ans:   White Pine

Q. What flower is the symbol of culture?

Ans:  The Lotus. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What country consumes the most cock per capita?

Ans:   Iceland

Q. In Heraldry, there are 60 varieties of what?

Ans:   Cross

Q. LOT is the national airline of what country?

Ans:   Poland

Q. In ancient India how dead parents were traditionally disposed of?

Ans:   Eaten by offspring as a sign of respect

Q. Phalacrophobia is the fear of what?

Ans:  Going Bald

Q. Humans lose 27 what a day?

Ans:   Moulted Pubic Hairs

Q. What is the smallest book in the Library of Congress?

Ans:  Old King Cole – thumbnail size

Q. What is the thing that wives do which annoy most husbands?

Ans:  Nag. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. Vivaldi composed The Four Seasons – what’s his first name?

Ans:   Antonio

Q. Burning potassium has what colour flame?

Ans:  Purple

Q. ‘De’cappo’ means what in music?

Ans:   Repeat from start

Q. ‘Nanook’ is a Canadian word for what animal?

Ans:   Polar Bear

Q. In what prison did Nelson Mandela spend 19 of 27 years?

Ans:   Robben Island

Q. What should you give on a 35th wedding anniversary?

Ans:   Coral. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. ‘The Punjab’ is an area of India meaning what?

Ans:   Land of Five Rivers

Q. What country has the world’s largest merchant navy?

Ans:   Liberia

Q. St. Sithney is the Patron Saint of what?

Ans:   Mad Dogs

Q. Pitcairn Airlines were the first to provide what in 1922?

Ans:  Air Sick Bags. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. A Pullicologist is an expert in what?

Ans:   Fleas

Q. During their lifetime the average person eats four what?

Ans:  Spiders in their sleep

Q. Smith most common English surname what’s the Japanese?

Ans:   Suzuki

Q. Annually 2500 left-handed people die doing what?

Ans:   Using the right-handed products

Q. All windmills turn counterclockwise except where?

Ans:  Ireland. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. The word ‘melee’ comes from what sport?

Ans:  Football 

Q. On the PH scale, what does PH stand for?

Ans:   Potential Hydrogen

Q. In Michigan, it is illegal to chain what to a fire hydrant?

Ans:  An Alligator

Q. ‘Magnifera Indica’ is the Latin name of what fruit?

Ans:  Mango

Q. 31% of people said what was the most disgusting personal habit?

Ans:   Spitting

Q. Oikophobia is the fear of what?

Ans:  Houses. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. If you suffered from ‘ozostomia’ what have you got?

Ans:   Foul breath

Q. What colour is French letterboxes?

Ans:   Yellow

Q. Who said “Alas! Poor Yorick! I knew him?”

Ans:  Horatio

Q. What is Falaka?

Ans:   Turkish feet beating

Q. What animal has the world’s shortest sperm?

Ans:   Hippopotamus

Q. The Swathling Cup is played for in what sport?

Ans:   Table Tennis

Q. Saint Lydwina is the Patron Saint of what sport?

Ans:   Ice Skating. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. Where was the world’s first televised baseball game?

Ans:   Tokyo

Q. What country consumes the most tea per capita?

Ans:  Ireland

Q. In Australia what is a ‘Willy-Willy’?

Ans:   Whirlwind

Q. Table Tennis competitions only two coloured balls allowed what?

Ans:   White and Yellow

Q. Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth what comes next?

Ans:   Hand for hand, foot for foot.

Q. What colour was Tweety Bird originally?

Ans:   Pink

Q. The French musical instrument ‘The Viola’ has what another name?

Ans:  The Alto. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. Name Australia’s highest mountain?

Ans:  Mount Kosciusko

Q. What colour is malachite?

Ans:   Brown

Q. Murphy’s Oil soap is most often used to clean what?

Ans:   Elephants

Q. In Singapore, you can be publicly caned for failing to do what?

Ans:  Flush Toilet after use

Q. What flavour sweet was created for Ronald Regan?

Ans:   Blueberry Jelly Babies

Q. ‘Corduro’y literally translated means what?

Ans:   Cloth of the King

Q. What is the only USA state without a natural lake?

Ans:  West Virginia

Q. What was Napoleon’s mother’s name?

Ans:   Laticia. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What is the only breed of dog that gets gout?

Ans:   Dalmatian

Q. What country has the world’s oldest National Anthem?

Ans:   Netherlands

Q. What domesticated pet is never mentioned in the Bible?

Ans:   Cats

Q. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were invented to do what?

Ans:   Reduce Masturbation

Q. In Texas, it’s illegal to swear in front of what?

Ans:   A Corpse

Q. What was known as ‘Arabian Wine’?

Ans:   Coffee. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. In Arizona, you must register with the state before becoming what?

Ans:  Illegal Drug Dealer

Q. Where are the Luxemburg gardens?

Ans:   Paris

Q. What is the state insect of Texas?

Ans:   Monarch Butterfly

Q.In what Bible book is “The love of money is the root of all evil”?

Ans:   Timothy 6:10

Q. Brassiere comes from an old French word meaning what?

Ans:  Arm Protector

Q. In Louisiana what personal act is illegal in public?

Ans:   Gargling

Q. What breed of dog bites the most humans?

Ans:   German Shepherd – Alsatian

Q. In which country are condoms most commonly used?

Ans:   Japan. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. ‘Sourj’ is Armenian for what?

Ans: Coffee

Q. Who wrote the novel ‘Heart of Darkness’?

Ans:  Joseph Conrad

Q. In Pennsylvania, legally a man needs a written permit from wife do what?

Ans:  Purchase Alcohol

Q. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet what herb is said to be for remembrance?

Ans:  Rosemary

Q. Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III links by what?

Ans:  All plays contain ghosts

Q. Where would you find your Glabella?

Ans:   Space between your eyes

Q. Until 1990 what was still legal tender in East Germany?

Ans:  Sausages. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. On what hobby is the most money spent?

Ans:  Gardening

Q. What city has the world’s biggest taxi fleet?

Ans:  Mexico – over 60000

Q. 4000 people each year are injured by what household item?

Ans:   Tea Pots

Q. In Delaware, it is illegal to pawn what?

Ans:   Wooden Leg

Q. What animal is mentioned most in the Bible?

Ans:   Sheep

Q. What links Socrates, Aristotle, Janis, Joplin?

Ans:   Bisexuals

Q. What is the most common fear people have?

Ans:  Public Speaking

Q. After the US what country imports the most scotch?

Ans:   France. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. In Kansas City, it is illegal for children to buy what?

Ans:   Cap Guns (but not shotguns)

Q. What is officially the poorest US state?

Ans:   Mississippi

Q. What is officially the richest District of America?

Ans: Columbia

Q. The US eat most ice cream per capita what country second?

Ans: New Zealand

Q. In Indiana, what is illegal in winter?

Ans:   Bathing

Q. In what country did the rumba originate?

Ans:   Cuba

Q. In Tucson Arizona, it is illegal for a woman to wear what?

Ans:   Pants

Q.What country consumes the most calories per capita?

Ans:  Ireland

Q. It is illegal to use what to plough cotton fields in North Carolina?

Ans:   Elephants

Q. What is the top New Year’s Resolution?

Ans: Lose weight

Q. What US state has the most murders?

Ans:   California

Q. What crime causes the second number of arrests in the USA?

Ans:  Driving being drunk

Q. In Baltimore, it is illegal to take what to the movies?

Ans:  A Lion

Q. The word ‘Matrix’ in the Bible means what?

Ans:  Womb

Q. In Dallas Texas, it is illegal to possess a realistic what?

Ans:   Dildo. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What country drinks the most beer?

Ans:   Germany

Q. What is the most common breeding bird in the US?

Ans:   Red-Winged Blackbird

Q. Public Speaking is the most common fear what’s the second?

Ans:   Heights

Q. Between October and March what is illegal in Indiana?

Ans:   Taking Baths

Q. Potatoes were first sold as what?

Ans:   Ornamental Plants

Q. Ancient China Treason, Robbery, Adultery, deserved what punishment?

Ans:   Castration

Q. What does the Australian slang word ‘Hooroo’ mean?

Ans:   Goodbye

Q. Seven million of these are thrown away each day – what?

Ans:  Pennies. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. Vampire bats prefer to bite what part of a sleeping person?

Ans:   Toe

Q. In what language was ‘The Communist Manifesto’ written?

Ans:   German

Q. In Natchez Missouri it is illegal to provide beer to what?

Ans:   An Elephant

Q. A Parthenophobe has a fear of what?

Ans:  Young Girls (Virgins)

Q. Who received 800000 fan letters in 1933?

Ans:    Mickey Mouse

Q. The word ‘Sahara’ is Arabic for what?

Ans:  Desert

Q. What do toads do before mating?

Ans:   Sing. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What country is the world’s oldest functioning democracy?

Ans:   Iceland

Q. What President appears on the US $100000 bill?

Ans:   Woodrow Wilson

Q.80% of the world’s population wears shoes made in what country?

Ans:  China

Q.In Fargo North Dakota you can be jailed for dancing with what?

Ans:   Your Hat on

Q.What did alchemists seek to turn base metals into gold?

Ans:   Philosophers Stone

Q. Who dropped out of Harvard in 1975?

Ans:   Bill Gates

Q. According to the English Church, what’s legal only between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.?

Ans:   Getting Married (Canonical Law)

Q.’ Ipsisism’ is what common sexual practice?

Ans:   Masturbation

Q. ‘The Soldiers Song’ is the National Anthem of what Country?

Ans:   Republic of Ireland

Q. In North Dakota, it is illegal to sleep with what on?

Ans:   Your Shoes

Q. Old Testament two non-humans can speak the serpent and who?

Ans:   Balsam’s Ass

Q. The Sea Cook was the original title of what famous novel?

Ans:   Treasure Island

Q. What branch of mathematics is named for the Latin for pebble?

Ans: Calculus

Q. ‘Eonism’ is what sexual practice?

Ans:   Cross-Dressing

Q. Mario first appeared in which video game?

Ans:   Donkey Kong

Q. In Yuma Arizona what is the punishment for citrus fruit thieves?

Ans:   Lots of Castor Oil

Q. ‘The Paramours’ changed their name to what gaining fame?

Ans:   Righteous Brothers

Q. What European country’s national anthem has no official words?

Ans:  Spain. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. ‘Cyprieunia’ is sex with who or what?

Ans:   A Prostitute

Q. Vladimir Nabokov wrote Lolita in what language?

Ans:   English

Q. What biblical towns name means ‘House of Bread’ in Hebrew?

Ans:  Bethlehem

Q. Where would you find your poller’s hand?

Ans:  It’s your thumbs

Q. Who wrote the novel ‘The African Queen’?

Ans:  C S Forester

Q. Whose motto is “Nation shall speak peace unto Nation”?

Ans:  BBC

Q. ‘Ondinism’ is arousal from what?

Ans:  Urine

Q. In Zion city Illinois it is illegal to do what?

Ans:  Make ugly faces at anyone

Q. The word ‘amnesia’ (forgetfulness) derives from what language?

Ans:   Greek

Q. What is Mexico’s largest seaside resort?

Ans:  Cancun. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. What playwright wrote ‘The Three Sisters’ and ‘The Cherry Orchard’?

Ans:  Anton Chekov

Q. In the Bible who slew a quarter of the world’s population?

Ans:  Cain killing Abel

Q. In Britain what is ‘The Andrew’?

Ans:   The Royal Navy

Q.Parascopisim is what sexual behaviour?

Ans:  Voyeurism through bedroom windows

Q. What Japanese word ironically means ”May you live forever”?

Ans:   Banzai

Q. What country calls itself Republika Shqiperise?

Ans:   Albania

Q. What does a Stupprator prefer sexually?

Ans:   Virgins

Q. In Lawrence Kansas, it is illegal to carry what in your hat?

Ans:   Bees

Q. What is the UK’s best selling chocolate snack bar?

Ans:  Kit Kat

Q. Who first appeared in ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’?

Ans:   Hercule Poirot

Q. Whose epitaph says “If you seek his monument look around you”?

Ans:   Sir Christopher Wren

Q. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu born Skopje in 1910 –what is her other name?

Ans:   Mother Theresa

Q. If you were suffering from ‘Preblysis’ what have you got?

Ans:   Premature Ejaculation

Q. In Alexandria, if the wife asks man must do what before sex by law?

Ans:   Brush Teeth

Q. What is ‘The Adi Granth’?

Ans:   Sacred Scriptures of the Sikhs

Q. ‘Knismolagnia’ is sexual arousal from what?

Ans:   Tickling. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. Missouri has an unusual inalienable right – what?

Ans:   Drunkenness

Q. What African country and its currency have the same name?

Ans:  Zaire

Q. Zymurgy is a branch of chemistry concerning what process?

Ans:   Brewing fermentation

Q. What was the name of the old man in ‘The Old Man and the Sea’?

Ans:   Santiago

Q. What sexual practice is maritate?

Ans:  Female masturbation

Q. In Elko Nevada, sex without what is illegal?

Ans:   Condoms

Q. Maschalophilous people get sexually aroused by what?

Ans:   Armpits

Q. What does a Pangram contain?

Ans:  All letters in the alphabet

Q. What does a ‘Geophage’ do?

Ans:   Eats earth

Q. What planet is nearest in size to Earth?

Ans:  Venus – 5% smaller

Q. In sexual terms what is a ‘mastix’?

Ans:   Female Sadist

Q. ‘Halcyon’ is a poetic name used for what bird?

Ans:   Kingfisher

Q. In Willowdale Oregon, a man can’t do what while shagging wife?

Ans:   Curse swearing illegal

Q. What sexual practice does a ‘mazophallate’ enjoy?

Ans:   Tit Wank. Buzzfeed Quiz

Q. Hebrew and what are the official languages in Israel?

Ans:   Arabic

Q. Rita Kuti Kis represented Hungary in what sport?

Ans:  Tennis

Q. Who wrote ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’?

Ans:  Victor Hugo

Q. What Australian town used to be called Stuart until 1925?

Ans:   Alice Springs

Q. Lagnoperissia is a fancy name for what sexual condition?

Ans:   Nymphomania

Q. Whose autobiography was entitled ‘The Sport of Queens’?

Ans:   Dick Francis

Q. In The Arabian Nights what was Ali Babas job?

Ans:   Woodcutter

Q. If you ‘Manuxorate’ what are you doing?

Ans:   Male masturbating with hand

Q. In Greek mythology Atlas was a member of what group?

Ans:  The Titans

Q. J K Rowling wrote the ‘Harry Potter’ series what do the JK mean?

Ans: Joanne Kathleen

Q. ‘Mastigothymia’ is sexual arousal from what?

Ans:  Whipping

Q. ‘Moriaphillia’ is sexual arousal from what?

Ans: Telling dirty jokes

Q. ‘Omolagnia’ is sexual arousal from what?

Ans:   Nudity

Q. Who was the first American to receive the Nobel Literature prize?

Ans:   Sinclair Lewis

Q. A Sitophilliac gets sexually aroused from what?

Ans:  Food in sex play

Q. ‘Sacrofricosis’ is what sort of sexual behaviour?

Ans:  Pocket holes public masturbation

Q. Poland has a coastline along which sea?

Ans:   Adriatic

Q. In Mexico, it is illegal for the police to sell what?

Ans:  Their Guns

Q. In Washington, it is illegal to buy what on Sunday?

Ans: A Mattress

Q. What is the Tibetan Yab Yum?

Ans:   A sexual position

Q. What book translates as ‘My Struggle’?

Ans:   ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolf Hitler

Q. When a satellite is closest to Earth its position is called what?

Ans:   Perigee

Q. What can keep for up to 4 years if stored in a cool dark place?

Ans:   Standard Condoms

Q. What was the first man-made object to leave the solar system?

Ans:  Pioneer-10

Q. What holiday is called Head of the World in the Jewish faith?

Ans:  Rosh Hashanah

Q. What gemstone has a name literally meaning not intoxicated?

Ans:   Amethyst

Q. ‘Caesar Salad’ originated in which country?

Ans:  Mexico

Q. What’s the collective noun for a group of gulls?

Ans:  Colony

Q. Where was Mark Twain born?

Ans:  Florida, Missouri

Q. The word ‘Atom’ comes from the Greek meaning what?

Ans:  Indestructible

Q. Who rode a horse called ‘Phantom’?

Ans:  Zorro

Q. Who would perform the Maha Mantra?

Ans:  Hari Krishnas

Q. Mould board Disc and Rotary are types of what?

Ans:  Plough

Q. An average person does it six times a day – what?

Ans:  Goes to the bathroom

Q. What is the oldest known cultivated vegetable?

Ans:  The Pea

Q. What European country has no head of state?

Ans:   Switzerland

Q. 90% of bird species are what?

Ans:  Monogamous

Q. 50% of the US annual rainfall falls in what month?

Ans:   April

Q. What male name comes from Greek meaning ‘defender of men’?

Ans:   Alexander

Q. In Astrology what is the ruling planet of communication?

Ans:   Mercury

Q. In West Virginia, it’s illegal to snooze where?

Ans:   On a train

Q.In SF California, by law what is guaranteed to the masses?

Ans:  Sunshine

Q. In Thailand it’s illegal to step on what?

Ans:  Nation’s Currency

Q. In Kansas, it’s illegal to eat what on Sunday?

Ans:   Snakes

Q.In what county did the Aryan race originate?

Ans:   India

Q. “It’s all Greek to me” comes from what Shakespeare play?

Ans:   Julius Caesar

Q. If a prescription said b.i.d. what would it mean?

Ans:   Twice Daily

Q.What Indian tribe, did the army most often use as scouts?

Ans:   Crow

Q. What river in Africa carries the most water?

Ans:   Congo 

Q. ‘Measure for Measure’ deals with what contemporary theme?

Ans:   Angelo harasses Isabella sexually

Q. Who was the first president to be televised?

Ans:  F D Roosevelt 

Q. Adolph Hitler had a phobia – what?

Ans:   Claustrophobia. 0 0 0.

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